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Barry Boucher resides in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, with Joyce his wife of 47 years. They have two married children, Kimberly-Ann and Jason.

Barry is the former Lead Pastor of The Life Centre Christian Fellowship and has been in full-time ministry since 1977. He served in evangelism then as a local church pastor for 30 years. (In 1981 Barry was one of three founding pastors of The Life Centre.)

He transitioned the church on Father's Day 2007 to his natural and spiritual son Jason who had been on staff for 13 years.

Barry serves as Founding Pastor at The Life Centre, speaks periodically to the congregation, along with hosting missions trips.

TLC’s journey has included an intentional relationship with the larger Body of Christ throughout Ottawa, in Canada and around the world. Barry is well known locally and in many circles.


After five years of marriage and building a self-centered life, Barry ended up with a successful business career but a failed marriage. Alone, he continued to search for meaning and purpose in life beyond outward success.

On a businessmen's retreat in 1975, he heard, for the first time, the need to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

He was challenged to read the Bible and see God at work in the lives of men and women from all walks of life. After doing so he yielded his life to Christ and transformation began in the Boucher family.

Six years of studying and teaching Karate as a Black Belt had proven futile.

Two years practicing TM or 'Transcendental Meditation' left him a spiritual vacuum.

His desire to get his physical and spiritual life together resulted in utter chaos for himself and his family until he met Jesus Christ.

Barry's testimony of a restored life, marriage and family has been shared in many parts of the world but especially in Canada and the USA at Businessmen's Dinners, Women's Meetings, Churches, Universities, Youth Groups, Conventions and Prayer Groups.

Barry & Joyce have appeared many times on Canadian TV and radio sharing their life story.


Barry’s daughter Kimberly-Ann is married with two young sons, Tristan & Ryan as well as an adopted daughter, Grace. Kim is currently the Director of Client Services at First Place Options ( after 28 years of being the Children’s Pastor at Lifecentre. Her husband Stéphane is the Property Manager.

Barry’s son Jason is also married with two sons, Tref and Parker, and two daughters, Emma and Ally. Jason is a graduate of Carleton University and Ottawa School of the Bible. He now serves as the Lead Pastor at Lifecentre since Father’s Day 2007. Lori, his wife, serves alongside Jason at home and in the ministry.


Joyce, my wife of 47 years, our daughter Kim and son Jason, their spouses, Stephane and Lori, our seven grandchildren, listening and learning from other leaders, motorcycles, digital photography, global travel.


Barry served for 25 years as the President of Life Christian Academy, which, under his leadership, has now become a community-based Christian school in the east-end of Ottawa with it’s own Board and incorporation.


He continues his role as President of Ottawa School of the Bible, a local church discipleship-training program that runs for three years and has graduated over 150 Ministerial Students.


Barry is a Doctoral Graduate and serves as a teaching elder in the Body of Christ.


In September 1993, after transitioning from a local hotel to a warehouse, The Life Centre moved to the east-end of Ottawa into a brand new facility at 2214 Innes Road. It was then that church planting began in earnest.


The Life Centre first launched an inner-city congregation in the heart of the Nation's Capital. It was called 'The Downtown Church' and started as a House of Prayer. It is now known as the Vanier Community Church and Biker’s Church.

TLC started another assembly called 'The Westend Church' to fulfill a promise to the original core that TLC would start again in Ottawa’s Westend. That church is now called Living Waters Christian Fellowship.
Today there are granddaughter churches in the Ottawa region ministering in a multi-cultural expression.


TLC assumed responsibility for a French church called ‘Eglise de la Nouvelle Alliance'. The name and leadership were changed to ‘Le Centre de Vie’, which is simply the English of Lifecentre.

LCV was joined by two other congregations to form a vibrant growing French speaking church in the Nation's Capital with a heart for the French-speaking world.

Today, there is a stand-alone congregation, across the parking lot from TLC, known as Nouvelle Espoir. It continues to serve the French-speaking people of the Capital Region.


Barry has a heart for missions. His ministry has taken him to almost 62 nations including the USA, Cuba, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Russia, England, Norway, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nepal, India and Indonesia. His heartcry is for leaders and he believes that “Every minister needs a pastor.”


In July 1994, Barry enjoyed a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit in his life, marriage, family and ministry. He has been profoundly renewed with the Father's love for a world desperately in need of Him. He continues to serve the larger Body of Christ as a 'spiritual father' on behalf of The Life Centre.


The Watchmen asked Barry to speak on the ‘Spiritual History of Canada’ at two National Gatherings in Canada. One in Winnipeg and the other in Charlottetown, PEI. (He recently spoke at the Imagine Congress in Quebec with 600 leaders from across Canada on our Spiritual Heritage.)


Barry has been an active member of the Ottawa Pastor’s Prayer fellowship since the early 80’s and he is committed to citywide ministry in all the forms it takes.

He served as the Team Leader for Mission Ottawa for over 10 years. It is now known as Love Ottawa.


Frontline Ministries with Tom White. A ministry focused on City-reaching through Pastor's Prayer Summits and relationship building.

Canadian Director for Messianic Vision with Sid Roth. A ministry focused on reaching Jewish people with the gospel through TV and radio.

Canadian Board of Global Harvest with Dr. Leon van Rooyen. A ministry that strengthens the local church and is involved in African education and missions.

He is a founding member of the Canadian Congress of Apostles and sits as an Advisor on the Canadian Prophetic Council.


Articles have appeared in many magazines on renewal, the marketplace, and the place and role of the apostle in local church ministry.


He has served on the Executive of the Eastern Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada as a Minister-At-Large.

The Board of Governors during the transition from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College to Master’s College & Seminary.

Served for many years with the Institute Biblique de Quebec.


Currently, Lifecentre supports various missions’ projects around the world with Pastor Barry leading the teams.


Pastor Boucher’s life scripture is found in 1 Corinthians 13:8, ‘Love never fails.

Barry’s passion is ministering to ministers. He can be heard saying, “Every pastor needs a pastor” and “Who ministers to the minister?” or “Who cares for the care-givers?”

His heart cry is for pastors and those who serve in Christian ministry!


He teaches eight relational values as the only basis for healthy vision and faithfulness in ministry that lasts a lifetime. He has proven these in over 30 years of faithful and fruitful ministry and thanks Graham Cooke for the insights.

1. Non-negotiable Love
2. Openness and Honesty
3. Believing the Best
4. Word Given – Word Kept
5. Grace and Truth
6. Character Before Gifting
7. A Generous Spirit
8. Stewardship not Ownership


Rev. Barry P. Boucher, D.Min.
Founding Pastor, The Life Centre,
2214 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario,



Joyce, my wife of 47 years, our daughter Kim and son Jason, their spouses, Stephane and Lori, our seven grandchildren, listening and learning from other leaders, motorcycles, digital photography, global travel.